Back in May 2007 we released YouTube RSS Feed Secret as an attempt to help people understand RSS feeds coming from YouTube. It’s actually quite simple once you see it, and based on the number of views it’s a pretty popular topic too.

What’s interesting to The Rhodes Brothers is that RSS isn’t very simple to end users. The “average” end user doesn’t know anything about RSS and the little orange RSS icons don’t make any sense.

The first “S” in RSS is “simple” — but it’s not. If it was simple, people would get it. Ironically, HTML seems to be significantly more complex than RSS but most average people kind of get HTML when they play around with it. That’s not really the case with RSS. You can argue with us, but just ask users for the real scoop.

We did create a very nice report about RSS for internet marketers called RSS Super Glue. It’s meant for marketers who are willing to take just a few minutes to *use* RSS, not think about it too much. That report is deadly simple. You don’t really have to understand anything about RSS to use it.

Let me break this out and say that again: You don’t have to understand RSS to use it, especially with respect to your marketing efforts. Trust me. The report is meant for folks who have very limited technical experience.

In any event, it’s kind of crazy that a little video — less than 3 minutes long –  has been seen over 9,000 times. Something about it just works which we think is awesome. RSS can be understandable to people and it can be a worker bee for you.

By the way, if you think that the YouTube RSS Feed Secret is cool, you absolutely must take a gander at the Simple Cash Blog. Seriously, if you’re an internet marketer looking for “big ideas” that are easy to understand and implement, you just can’t go wrong.

I’m not kidding when I say that the Simple Cash Blog has already changed some lives. We have a couple of testimonials already that are jaw dropping. We’ll be posted them here (probably) and certainly we’ll hit some of our lists with these success stories. It’s exciting to help people be successful.

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