How To Create a High-Converting Email Series

People rarely purchase something the first time they’re introduced to it. That’s why you’ll enjoy your highest conversions when you send out a series of emails to promote a specific product. That’s why you’re about to discover the step-by-step process for creating a high-converting series.

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Step 1: Decide What to Promote

Your obvious first step is to decide what to promote. The key here is to pick just ONE offer per series. If you promote multiple offers, you’re going to dampen your overall conversion rate. So, pick just one offer and move to the next step…

Step 2:  Design Your Offer

The next thing to consider is whether you’re going to promote a special offer, or if you’re going to promote a product at its regular price and without any special bonuses. Both approaches are acceptable. However, you’re going to get a higher conversion rate if you have a special offer to promote. In addition, if you’re promoting an affiliate product, then it’s a good idea to offer your own bonus or other perk to help spur sales.


Step 3: Determine How Many Emails to Send

Now you need to determine how many emails to create for your sequence, which will generally range from three to seven emails or so. Exactly how many you send depends on the following factors:

Does the audience know you?

If this sequence is going out to brand-new subscribers, then the audience likely doesn’t know you or trust you quite yet. As such, sequences going out to new subscribers will tend to be a little longer than sequences going out to your long-term subscribers.

TIP: If you’re sending out a live broadcast (rather than an autoresponder series), then you can segment your list by “old” and “new” subscribers. That way you can adjust the length of the sequence, such as by sending one extra email to “new” subscribers who may need a little more coaxing for you to close the sale.

If you’re selling an affiliate product, you’ll also want to consider whether the audience is likely to be familiar with the vendor. If you’re promoting a product from someone who’s really well-known in the niche, then your sequence might be a little shorter. If you’re promoting a product from someone who’s fairly new to the scene, then your audience may need a couple more emails in order to become comfortable with the purchase.


Is the audience familiar with this product?

If the product is brand new and just hitting the market, you may need to create a longer sequence. This is particularly true if the product is unlike anything on the market (and thus needs more explaining).

What is the price of this product?

The last big factor to consider is the price. As you might suspect, expensive products generally require more persuasion (and more emails), as compared to an inexpensive product that’s an impulse purchase.

For example, let’s say you’re selling your own $10 offer to people who know you. In this case, you can send a series of two or three emails. (Three emails are better, as it takes into account that not everyone is going to see every email you send.)

On the other hand, maybe you’re selling a $497 offer that’s brand new. In that case, you may send out somewhere in the neighborhood of five to seven emails.

These are just guidelines to get you started – ideally, you’ll want to experiment to find out which sequence length works best for your particular offer.

Step 4: Develop Your Content

Now that you know how many emails you need to send (approximately), you can start developing your sequence. Keep these tips in mind…

Choose a Theme

This is a series, so you want to choose a theme that ties all the emails together, which in turn encourages subscribers to read each email in the sequence.

Think in terms of sharing tips, secrets, ways, steps, tools or ideas.  For example, if you’re writing about weight loss and you have a five-email sequence, it might look like this:

  • The Five-Step Guide to Getting Rid of Love Handles
  • The Five Secrets of Rapid Weight Loss
  • Five Ways to Boost Your Metabolism This Week


Create Something Useful Yet Incomplete

The series as a whole as well as each individual email should be useful in that it solves part of your subscriber’s problem, yet it should be incomplete in the sense that it naturally leads to your paid offer.

Let’s suppose you’re selling a home buyer’s guide. You can create an email series with an overview of the steps (what to do), but subscribers will need to buy the guide to get the exact details of how to take those steps.

Alternatively, you can provide a set of secrets/tips for finding and buying the right home. While each tip is useful, it doesn’t solve the subscriber’s problem in full, so they need to purchase your guide.

One more example: you can offer a set of tools for home buyers in each email you send, such as checklists and worksheets. In order to make the most of these tools, your subscribers will need to purchase the guide.

TIP: As always, don’t forget to create a strong call to action at the end of the email, where presell your offer and tell people to buy it. See a previous issue of Three to Thrive for more information about creating effective calls to action.


Capture Attention

As always, you need to create benefit-driven subject lines for each email. E.G., “The weird conversion trick that works like crazy!”

Craft Evergreen Emails

If you’re uploading these emails to an autoresponder that you intend to use for the long term, then make sure your emails are evergreen. This means sharing content without any references that would date the content, as well as sharing time-tested content that won’t become old/outdated.



Sending out a series of emails is a proven and powerful way to close a sale. You can use this technique to promote a product in your welcome series of emails, whenever you launch a new product or participate in someone else’s product launch, when you do a special promo (such as a one-week sale) or whenever you want to generate sales.

Now let’s switch gears and talk about a really good way to generate warm leads…

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